Engineering survey center

Engineering survey center is a member of Central Association of Organizations Dealing with Engineering Surveying “Survey Center”. It has the right to perform the most popular types of work in the sphere of engineering survey which have an impact on the safety of objects of capital construction.

The Head of the Center is Raisa A. Mostovykh. She has a great work experience on such unique objects as South Ukraine NPP, Berezovskaya GRES, Agriculture, etc.

The Center`s staff includes onle highly qualified specialists who carry out all operations on the newest equipment. This ensures the quality of all the necessary work and getting the most accurate and precise information.

There has been formed six sectors in the Center:

The Sector of engineering and geological surveys

carries out geotechnical research for the design of new construction, reconstruction and complete overhaul of civil (and multi-storey cottage development) and industrial facilities (buildings of I - III levels of responsibility) in accordance with state standards.

This geological work is carried out to study the generalized underground geological environment of the site, to get all the necessary materials for the development of construction projects of any level and class of responsibility at all stages of design.

The General Manager is Nina I. Sazhina

The Sector of laboratory studies of soil and water

studies the physical and mechanical properties of soils, soil corrosion and groundwater.

All measurements are made in accordance with applicable regulations and the conditions necessary for their implementation. That is confirmed by the certificate № 380-28/02 of assessment measurements in the laboratory dated from 28.07.2011.

The Head of the Laboratory is Elena S. Sapozhenets

The Sector of environmental research

carries out comprehensive study of the components of the environment in the area of ​​the proposed facility with the goal of environmental study for the construction and other economic activities.

The General Manager is Alexander E. Arkusha

The Sector of engineering and geodesy

provides getting topographic survey materials and information about the situation and terrain, the existing buildings, structures and underground utilities, to assess the natural and man-made environment of the construction site and justify the design, construction and operation of facilities.

The General Manager is Dmitry V. Kondakov

The Sector of Geophysical Research

carries out geophysical studies aimed at solvogn such problems as search of underground objects and minerals, lithological sections, finding out water-bearing formations, spacing, karst and other phenomena and processes occurring in the soil.

Logging is carried out to diagnose the condition and, if necessary, to repair the chinks. Carrying out these activities in conjunction with drilling can explain the causes of the complications and prevent different accidents.

The General Manager is Ruslan E. Toib

The Sector of engineering and hydro-meteorological research

provides comprehensive study of the meteorological conditions of the construction site, and the forecast of possible changes of these conditions as a result of interaction with the designed object to obtain the necessary and sufficient information to make design decisions.

The General Manager is Elena E. Mikheeva

Drilling site

The general manageet of the site is Sultanov Oleg Robertovich. He is a professional, one of few who is able to choose sample undisturbed sand. 4-propelled drilling rigs based on the ZIL-131 are used for drilling.

The cost of research is determined by engineering survey program, made on the base of technical building. The estimated cost is calculated based on the reference base price of geotechnical engineering and environmental studies, taking into account the correction factor.


Contact information:

The Head of the Center of engineering surveys is Raisa A. Mostovykh

Tel. +7 (391) 2-902-000