Energy Technologies Center

Krasnoyarsk Promstroy NII Proekt Plc is a member of Self-regulating organization that is Non-profit partnership Union Energy. Krasnoyarsk Promstroy NII Proekt Plc has the right to perform energy audits (certificate № 050-2010-2463075600-01 dated 14.10.2010), ETC has been received the certificate of assessment measurements.

To guarantee compliance, established rules and regulations, including energy-saving and the use of new methods of energy efficiency, and to meet the requirements of the Federal Law № 261-FZ dated 23.11.2009, Krasnoyarsk Promstroy NII Proekt Plc provides a comprehensive survey of buildings and structures, which includes the following:

  • Energy inspection of any objects;
  • Drawing up of energy certificates in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation № 182 dated 19.04.2010, and in accordance with SNIP 23/02/2003;
  • Finding the priority ways of energy saving and development of effective measures for realization of the identified potential of energy saving;
  • Conducting heat engineering calculations and measurements of air exchange ratio of enclosing constructions;
  • Making heat engineering calculations:
    • glass packs and window units according to program complex (PC) "WINDOW" in the program WINDOW 4.1 and THERM 2
    • enclosing parts TEMPER TEMPER 3D.
  • Measuring air exchanges NOC in accordance with GOST R 31167-2009;
  • Evaluation of design decisions, including energy conservation. Special attention is paid to checking heat engineering values of building envelopes and laboratory methods.

Work on the survey is carried out in accordance with the following regulations:

  • Federal Law № 261-FZ of 23.11.2009 "On energy saving and energy efficiency and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation"
  • Order № 182 dated 19.04.2010 of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation "On the approval requirements for energy passport made ​​on the results of mandatory energy audit ..."
  • Rules and standards of SRO NP "Union Energy;
  • "Guidelines for the design, installation, and operation of building control systems and facade of translucent structures in Krasnoyarsk region", agreed by the Minister of Construction and Architecture of Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Normative - methodical documentation:

Contact information:

The Head of Centre is Maxim P. Govorushkin

Tel. +7 (391) 2-440-310, +7 (391) 2-902-000