Krasstroi Test Center

Krasstroi Test Center is the largest center in the region, it is equipped with modern equipment on the area of 500 m2.

There are 14 highly qualified specialists including three candidates of sciences.

Krasstroi has 5 experts dealing with state standard specification (GOST R) in the area of conformity.

Krasstroi Test Center is accredited in GOST R certification system (accreditation certificate № ROSS RU.0001.22SL32). It has the power in the System of voluntary certification in construction in the Russian Federation, RosStroyCertification (certificate number RCC RU.I565. 02ITS42).

Accreditation of Krasstroi

Walling material, laster material, binding material, concrete, concrete products, reinforced concrete construction, concrete mixtures, mortars, dry mix, roll roofing materials and waterproofing, sealing gaskets, heat insulating materials and products, leather finishing agent, facing materials, natural stone, aggregates , non-metallic building materials, raw materials, clay, road materials, glass pack, asbestos-cement products, reinforcement and embedded products, power windows and door balcony, PVC profiles, door blocks, scaffolding tools, wooden prefabricated houses, wood beams, design construction, panels and parts wood, wood blanks and parts glued plywood seams mounting assemblies joints, material coatings, flat glass, apparatus for heating, water, gas, ferrous metals, metal products for industrial use, rolled aluminum, aluminum composite panel, wall of wooden boards with insulation, metal panels.

There are 3 laboratories in Krasstroi:

Thermal Physics and walling Laboratory holds:

  • Determination of thermal physic characteristics of building products and materials,
  • The tests for water vapor permeability of different materials,
  • Determination of air and water permeability of block windows and other products,
  • Development of guidelines and flow sheets for installation of translucent building envelopes.

The Head of the Laboratory is Vladimir G. Serbin

The Laboratory of Concrete and Reinforced Concrete tests various building materials: mineral binders, concrete and mortar for mineral binders and additives for them, aggregates, soil, road materials, roofing and waterproofing materials, seals and sealing materials, leather finishing agents, facing materials, wood products, concrete products, concrete blocks and concrete, paints, asbestos cement products and other building materials to correspond to GOST.

The Laboratory specialists are developing specifications for new building materials, do research work on the use of new building materials, provide technical advice. The Head of the Laboratory is Zinovieva Tatiana Nikolaevna.

The Laboratory of testing building structures tests the durability of reinforced concrete products of all sizes, different sandwich panels, large wooden products.

Krasstroy is equipped with modern equipment and measuring instruments. It has opportunities for testing the durability of actual size structures. There is a freezer MDF 392 in Krasstroy, which allows material to be tested at a temperature of minus 86 ° C . Krasstroy also has certified, reliable, environmental chambers to determine the thermal resistance of the blocks of windows, doors and glass packs. There is a full range of equipment to determine the durability of various materials.

The Head of the Laboratory is Yuri K. Govorkov

The reliability and validity of the results are confirmed by a well-functioning system of quality management program evaluation.

Contact information:

The Head of Krasstroy is Olga S. Rashkina

tel. +7 (391) 2 445 179